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Eleanor Weiss

A collection of articles on many topics, including
health, wildlife and animal welfare, anti-human-
trafficking, preparedness, and other issues which
are related to the well being of all living things.


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1.  http://www.randomcollection.info/sqfriends.pdf
    "Making Friends with Squirrels"

2.  http://www.randomcollection.info/sqfeeder.jpg
    A crow and raven resistant squirrel feeder

    A couple of modifications and a suggested new
    design based on real-life activities of squirrels
    and crows after using the feeder for a couple of

3.  http://www.randomcollection.info/ewrescue.pdf
    "Earthworm Rescue"

4.  http://www.randomcollection.info/crowchron.pdf
    "Crow Chronicles"

5.  http://www.randomcollection.info/ssb-tuning.pdf
    "Single Sideband Radio for the Non-Technical"
    An article to assist preppers, who may be new
    to listening to amateur radio bands, purchase
    and use appropriate shortwave receivers. Tips
    on using external power sources are included.

6.  http://www.randomcollection.info/mat-flyer.pdf
    "Mothers Against [Human] Trafficking" flyer

    On The Power Hour radio show, Feb. 24, 2015, host
    Ted Broer and guest Dave Hodges, former professor
    and now investigative radio journalist, discuss
    some of the extreme pedophile crimes Dave Hodges
    has been recently investigating.

7.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvwHHMEDdT0
    Heartwarming animal communications video featuring
    Anna Breytenbach's transformational work with abused
    black leopard "Diabolo"

8.  http://www.randomcollection.info/css.pdf
    Coriolus mushroom, how it can support health when
    taking chemotherapy (reported that the Japanese
    actually add coriolus mushroom to their chemo.)


    JOYCE RILEY, FREEDOM'S ANGEL, founder and long time 
    host of The Power Hour radio show, passed away on 
    June 25, 2017, from cancer.  She will be missed!

    Before passing, she handed the reins over to the
    very devoted and capable Daniel Brigman.  There is
    a memorial page on The Power Hour's web site, at
    this link:


    The show continues to broadcast 2 hours a day, 
    Monday - Friday AFTERNOONS, and is carried on the 
    Genesis Communications Network, http://www.gcnlive.com

    NOTE:  There is a second show on GCN, in the original
    three hour Power Hour time slot, which uses the name
    "Power Hour," and is hosted by Dr. Joanne Conaway, ND.
    Dr. Conaway's show is not the legacy Power Hour show,
    sanctioned by Joyce.  Joyce passed her creation over
    to Daniel Brigman.

    Site: The Power Hour radio show.

    Unofficial Power Hour forum: http://powerhour.boards.net

10. http://www.randomcollection.info/water4wildlife.pdf
    BELOW: Saintly cyclists in an Australian drought,
    saving the lives of koalas.  All of us should always
    be alert to wildlife suffering painful, slow death
    by thirst, silently, right in our neigbourhoods!




    Be sure to include stones or other means of escape
    from water dishes set out for wildlife in drought,
    to prevent little folks from becoming trapped in
    the water!

11. http://www.randomcollection.info/tph-lithium-fe1815.mp3
    Dr. Mark Millar, whose research into the benefits of
    lithium, for veterans particularly, led to The Power
    Hour's carrying lithium orotate (see link below) talks
    about the benefits of lithium on the February 18, 2015
    Power Hour show, hour 2.  47 minutes.

    The above thumbnail was copied from The Power Mall
    Do a Ctrl-F Find Text for "lithium"

    "Lithium Orotate Safety," a set of research notes
    from Dr. Mark Millar, who discovered research exists
    showing that LOW DOSE, non-prescription lithium, the
    orotate form, can benefit those at risk for
    cognitive difficulties, importantly, at doses well
    below the toxicity threshold.

12. http://www.randomcollection.info/aprillove.pdf
    "April Love" Christian poster (remember the
    popular song by that name?)  (.PNG and .JPG too)
    "He Was Despised," sung beautifully
    by the late Kathleen Ferrier (6 minutes)
    He Will Raise You Up on Eagles Wings,
    sung by Dorothy Benham  (4 minutes)
    Eagles Wings lyrics

    Amazing child prodigy painter Akiane Kramarik paints 
    "God" and "Heaven," in a formerly atheistic family, 
    guided by her persistent, recurring visions:

    -- 3 min.

    -- 5 min.

    -- 58 min.

13. http://www.randomcollection.info/factory-farm-flyer1.pdf
    Flyer pleading for the public to demand humane
    treatment for farm animals, specifically the literally
    tortured factory farm animals.  "Alice Nelson" is a
    fictitious name -- I keep praying for a real animal
    communicator to come forward and provide some real
    messages from factory farm animals for activism.

14. http://www.randomcollection.info/terriandmum.rm
    Two videos showing that far from being a "vegetable,"
    Terri Schiavo was awake and aware throughout her
    horrifying ordeal, being killed by THIRST WHILE
    FULLY CONSCIOUS by order of judge george greer in
    Pinellas County, Florida, on March 31, 2005, at
    age 41.  All she needed per one doctor was physical
    therapy to enjoy a fair degree of quality of life,
    but that was denied by her husband michael.  The
    media told the public she was comatose but those
    videos above show clearly she was NOT.  Terri
    WAVED to visiting friends on her last day alive!

15. http://www.randomcollection.info/dog-story.htm
    A place to collect stories about my encounters with

16. http://www.randomcollection.info/snail-story.htm
    A touching story about how even creatures considered
    "lowly" actually deeply love one another - even to
    the point of death.

17. http://www.randomcollection.info/dental-tip.htm
    Brushing with TASTELESS Ivory soap, AFTER brushing
    with toothpaste, may end cavities.

    Above are Californians protesting their state
    senate bill 277 in April 2015, which eliminated
    some vaccine exemptions.

    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, an established physician
    who has made her life's work fighting to get the
    full truth about the hazards of today's vaccines
    made public, and fighting against mandatory
    vaccination.  Audio track from hour 3 of
    The Power Hour radio show, Feb. 6, 2015,
    hosted by Joyce Riley, RN.

    On The Power Hour, July 29, 2015, Joyce Riley
    reports on a news item where a nursing school
    expelled an A-student, a few months from
    graduating, because she politely objected to
    the school's telling students they must lie to
    patients about vaccines!  8 minutes.

    IN A NUTSHELL:  30-second statement by Dr. Ted Broer
    on his reasons for opposing vaccines as currently
    being formulated.  Hear THIS one if you don't want
    to hear anything else.

    Dr. Jack Wolfson and Dr. Suzanne Humphries discuss
    the hazards of vaccines on The Power Hour, hosted
    by Joyce Riley, Feb. 23, 2015.  Link BELOW is for
    brief descriptions of the two guests, and links to
    their web sites:

    A document to collect the many concerns being voiced
    by advocates trying to prevent mandatory vaccination.
    These concerns must be investigated by officials
    BEFORE making vaccines mandatory.

    If the above link doesn't work, try:
    Article discussing the failure of vaccines in SENIORS,
    meaning seniors get all the risks of polluted vaccines
    but virtually none of the benefits.  The article gives
    information on natural immune support in lieu of

19. http://www.randomcollection.info/case-against-fluoride.pdf
    Review of The Case Against Fluoride, a book which
    presents the scientific evidence against putting toxic
    fluoride compounds in drinking water.  This excerpt is
    only 14 pages, so it can serve as a quick reference
    when discussing fluoridation with officials.

20. http://www.randomcollection.info/couldbeworse.pdf
    A group of images I look at whenever I think my life
    is tough.

21. http://www.randomcollection.info/rainfall-map.gif
    North American annual rainfall map.

22. http://www.randomcollection.info/i-want-this-sky.pdf
    "I WANT THIS SKY AGAIN," a plea to end geo-engineering,
    the spraying of toxic aluminum, barium, and biological
    substances into the higher atmosphere, which has been
    secretly in progress for a couple of decades.  No public
    debate.  Almost total denial.  Lame excuses that this
    spraying is being done "to offset global warming," when
    in fact, spraying translucent chemicals actually warms
    the surface.  Refusal to say what is being sprayed.


    A short collection of images and a video showing chemical
    spray aircraft.  Note that chemicals don't always come
    out of the engines, but apparently openings in the wing.
    There is no condensation-free gap, which would identify
    H2O condensation trails, as opposed to chemical trails.

23. http://www.randomcollection.info/geese.pdf
    "Gettin' Chummy with Canada Geese," a collection of notes
    relating to my encounters with beautiful Canada geese,
    and techniques used to befriend them.

24. http://www.randomcollection.info/ctdm-probate-kidnap-oc1215.mp3
    October 12, 2015, West Virginia Pastor Butch Paugh's
    nightly radio show on the GCN network, 27 min. excerpt.
    Guest is Marti Oakley, researcher and activist into crimes
    such as human trafficking, focusses on "Adult Protective
    Services," which is administered by Probate Court and is,
    according to Marti, immune from regular law and the U.S.
    Constitution itself.

    This results in unsuspecting seniors or disabled people
    being literally kidnapped by the Probate Court system,
    held against their will, barred by law enforcement from
    access to visitors, and milked of their estates under the
    guise of BOGUS diagnoses by corrupt doctors, who have
    NEVER SEEN their "patients."

    Incidentally, Marti is not the only researcher who has
    brought these unpunished crimes to light.  This is
    essentially the same gruesome "system" which happens in
    the world of Child Protective Services, and that activity
    is well documented.  Freelance journalist Janet Phelan
    is another researcher into Adult Protective crimes.

    A related and very important organization's site is:


25. http://www.randomcollection.info/tph-ozone-refused-oc1615.mp3
    October 16, 2015:  Ozone injection specialist offers to
    personally help, at own expense, treat a nurse who had
    been an ebola patient, in the United Kingdom.  British
    doctors first enthusiastic but a final response to the
    ozone injection specialist was "No thanks."

    Let her suffer and die, instead of trying a very promising
    treatment which the specialist claims has been proven
    effective.  3-min. audio clip from The Power Hour.

    It should also be noted that ozone therapy was refused in
    ebola-afflicted African countries as well.  Is this because
    ozone therapy isn't patented and isn't profitable?

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